Wind power - Wind parks

Wind energy has been expanding in Iceland, and Mannvit has been working on preparations for wind-turbine farms in South Iceland and West Iceland. Mannvit has decades of experience in preparing hydroelectric and geothermal power plants and more recently, EIA for wind farms.

The diverse expertise gained has been valuable in wind-power projects involving project management for environmental impact assessments – Mannvit’s experts have extensive experience in this field. As part of wind-power projects, Mannvit has also been involved in ground exploration, landscape and visual analysis, road connections, acoustics checks and consulting and communicating with stakeholders.

Mannvit also has expertise regarding the design of foundations, towers, powerhouses, connecting structures, roads and hardstands for the installation of wind turbines. Mannvit also has extensive experience of designing electrical wiring (both high and low voltage) and erecting and installing electricity transmission cables.


Búrfellslundur vindmyllur -

Installation and connection 

Mannvit also has expertise in project supervision, information technology and connecting to the Landsnet electricity network, as well as  logistics for towers, wings, equipment and project management for installation and purchasing.


Communicating with stakeholders

Mannvit also has expertise regarding graphical representation in a 3D environment for use in animation and web environments. The latest computer programmes, aerial photographs and digital maps, in conjunction with photo and video operations, enable us to submit graphical solutions for customers and stakeholders.


Mannvit employs a dynamic group of experts and technicians specialised in construction, road building and project management, to name but a few. Mannvit also boasts a group of experts and technicians specialised in EPCM.


Rúnar D. Bjarnason

Discipline Manager, Environment & Sustainability

+354 422 3054

Haukur Einarsson

Environmental Engineer M.Sc. Environment & sustainability

+354 422 3016


Wind energy and wind farms