Mannvit has decades of experience in tunnel design, consulting and supervision. The company employs experts in the field of road tunnels and hydropower tunnels and caverns and offers a full range of related services covering all aspects of tunnel design, geology, rock mechanics and engineering. Project experience spans the full range of tunneling, from subsea road tunnels, mountain tunnels, shafts and underground caverns to cut and cover tunnels.

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General tunnel engineering services:

  • Design, consultancy and supervision
  • Field exploration, engineering geology and rock mechanics
  • Complete design of road tunnel, inclusive el-mech installations
  • Complete design of underground hydropower constructions

The company offers a multidisciplinary approach to tunnel projects, drawing on specialists from other sectors to ensure the success of every project we run.  And, with company services spanning the range of all civil engineering disciplines, Mannvit provides its customers with every service they need for a successful tunnel project design of any size.

Design services:

  • Rock tunnels
  • Soft ground tunnels
  • Primary site exploration 
  • Detailed field investigations
  • Cut and cover tunnels
  • Tunnel mapping and rock mass evaluation
  • Bored tunnels
  • Classification using the Q-method
  • Engineering geology and rock mechanics
  • Rock support determination
  • Steel sheet pile walls
  • Evaluation and tackling water influx
  • Ground anchors
  • Grouting
  • Reinforced soils
  • Ventilation design
  • Driven piles
  • Modeling using RocLab and Phase2

Project experience in tunnel design coupled with geotechnical expertise has made us the trusted consultant to government institutes, cities and municipalities for decades.


Atli Karl Ingimarsson

Discipline Manager, Geotechnical


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Valgeir Kjartansson

Project Management


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Matthías Loftsson

Geological Engineer M.Sc.


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Sigurður Páll Steindórsson

Mechanical Engineer M.Sc., Mechanical Process Engineering


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Þröstur Helgason

Discipline Manager Electrical and IT


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