Mannvit offers consulting services that takes notice of sustainability by offering efficient solutions resulting in social benefits and limiting negative environmental impact. As a company we seek to evaluate projects with regard to sustainability and risk and in that way deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to its customers. Mannvit offers consulting in the fields of sustainability and the implementation of sustainable thinking based on UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Furthermore, customers are made aware of their environmental and social impacts and, where possible, offered solutions that increase sustainability of their projects.

Mannvit offers services for companies looking to obtain BREEAM-certification of buildings, planning and infrastructure as well as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification.

Mannvit actively seeks supplies and services that are environmentally friendly and to increase the environmental awareness of its employees and customers. Furthermore, Mannvit encourages its employees to deliver solutions that promote efficient use of resources, less waste, healthy environment both indoor and outdoor and prevent pollution.

Heimsmarkmið Sameinuðu Þjóðanna

Mannvit is a part of the UN Global Compact on social responsibility and sustainability is an important part of that committment. Mannvit is a part of the Icelandic CSR initiative Festa, which is focused on responsible environmental policies, increasing the awareness of sustainable development and good corporate governance.

Mannvit has provided environmental consulting and renewable energy consulting for decades.


Rúnar D. Bjarnason

Discipline Manager, Environment & Sustainability

+354 422 3054

Alma D. Ívarsdóttir

Discipline Manager, Indoor Climate & Energy

+354 422 3065

María Stefánsdóttir

Environmental Engineer M.Sc. Environment & Sustainability

+354 422 3026