Structural Design

Mannvit has wide-ranging experience and expertise in structural design and offers turn-key consulting services ranging from preliminary stages to final design, as well as tender offers, construction management, supervision and maintenance.  

Structural design is ubiquitous but every project has a diverse set of challenges. And, Mannvit specialists have provided comprehensive and innovative structural design consulting to projects from the ordinary to the unusual, including bridges and other infrastructure, industrial complexes, power plants and just about everything in between, since 1963.

Burðarvirki -

Building Information Modeling

The newest technologies are always applied in the design process. Our specialists monitor new developments within the profession, and are active in implementing innovations into the construction process.  Additionally, Mannvit maintains its own comprehensive cost database which greatly facilitates cost estimations and project activity planning.

Primary software used in Building Information Modeling (BIM) at Mannvit includes:

  • Tekla Structures
  • MagiCAD
  • Revit Structure 

Structural design projects include Reykjavik University, Harpa Conference Center & Concert Hall, Verne Data Center, bridges in Trondheim, Norway and CRI‘s methanol plant in Svartsengi.



Valdimar Örn Helgason

Discipline lead, Structural engineering

+354 422 3029

Jón Guðni Guðmundsson

Structural Engineering M.Sc.

+354 422 3196

Torfi G. Sigurðsson

Civil Engineer M.Sc., Hydropower

+354 422 3702