Software & Systems Engineering

Over the years, Mannvit has amassed significant experience in software consulting including, procurement, requirements analyses, tendering, installation and commissioning of software solutions and computer systems. The company has also worked on systems analyses, systems engineering and specialized software development associated with control equipment, databases and information flow in larger companies where information from several systems are interconnected.


Hugbúnaður og kerfisfræði -

Mannvit has also participated in projects regarding data assurance as well as computer and telecommunications systems reliability. Projects include the design of many of the largest computer housing facilities in Iceland.  The company can also provide professional risk assessments for computer housing facilities and data centers drawing on the expertise of our risk analysis specialists as well as broad internal expertise in all related areas.

Mannvit is a true knowledge-centric company with extensive experience and expertise in Iceland’s local conditions and technologies.  Based on this and combined with Mannvit’s comprehensive engineering skills, the company is well equipped to work on specialized software solutions for our customers.

Vast multidisciplinary consulting experience in the field of software & systems engineering, fulfilling rigorous requirements for operational safety and reliability.


Þröstur Helgason

Discipline Manager Electrical and IT

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Gunnar Páll Stefánsson

Electrical Engineer M.Sc.

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