Small Hydropower

The definition of small hydro varies but typically pertains to hydropower projects generating up to 10 MW.  Many of the current opportunities for hydropower are in small hydro.


Mannvit has decades of experience in the development of small hydropower, having participated in numerous small hydro projects in Iceland and abroad.  Mannvit's experience with small hydropower is a significant portion of its overall hydropower portfolio.

Mannvit’s specialists are certified by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) as designers of hydropower plants.

The specific company involvement in small hydroelectric projects varies but generally includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Hydropower Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Reports
  • Site Investigations
  • Civil, Structural and Mechanical Design
  • Cost Estimates
  • Contract Documents
  • Tender Evaluations
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Construction supervision
  • On-site Inspections

The design of concrete and earthfill dams, spillways, tunnels, intakes, penstocks, trashracks, gates, and specifications for electromechanical equipment are routine tasks performed by our specialists.  We also provide cost estimates, contract documents, bid evaluations, environmental impact assessments and reports as well as general project management. Our specialists also design power transmission lines and electrical substations.

For the past few years Mannvit has designed several small hydropower plants in Norway. This build-up has been fuelled by rising energy prices and increased export of electricity. 


Ómar Örn Ingólfsson

Civil Engineer M.Sc. Hydropower

+354 422 3040

Gunnar Herbertsson

Discipline manager Mechanical and Process Engineering

+354 422 3117

Sverrir Óskar Elefsen

Chemical Engineer B.Sc. Hydropower

+354 422 3018

Torfi G. Sigurðsson

Discipline Manager Hydropower

+354 422 3702