Site Selection

Site selection is often the first stage of project development. Services offered by Mannvit include studies and comparison of sites that potential investors, interested parties or authorities choose to investigate whether they suitable locations for further development. Site selection can be restricted either to limited areas, larger regions or the country as a whole.

Vettvangsvalir ráðgjafar til verkefnisþróunar -

Mannvit has decades of experience in site investigations and comparison studies for the possible location of power intensive industries, such as aluminium smelters and datacenters.

For site selection, specific investigations have to be conducted to compare  various factors at each location or the projects‘ environmental impact. The following are key factors: 

  • Labor market
  • Suitable harbour conditions
  • Sufficient land space
  • Power options available
  • Water supply
  • Transportation
  • Natural hazards
  • Environmental aspects

Mannvit has been involved in multiple site selection projects that are often the most important step in the preparation for project construction.


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