Power Transmission & Distribution

Since 1970, Mannvit has played a major role in the complete preparation, analysis, design, construction management and inspection of energy structures, high voltage transmission lines, transmission towers and distribution systems throughout Iceland. The company enjoys an excellent working relationship with the National Power Company of Iceland and many electrical utilities, who entrust us with much of the energy infrastructure development of the country. 

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Transmission lines

Company specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in designing power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables.  Mannvit services also cover maintenance consultation.


Power Systems Engineering

Mannvit has extensive experience in the design of MV and LV electrical power distribution for electrical utilities and industry. Mannvit provides services in system analysis, feasibility studies, planning, design, tender document writing, contract negotiations, supervision and commissioning for electricity transmission and distribution projects.  Power system analyses services include, but are not limited to, load flow, short circuit and transient overvoltage studies. Grounding system design is also provided.


Recent projects

Projects include construction and maintenance consulting for power transmission lines in Iceland, Greenland and Norway. The company is involved in the design and planning elements of power transmission, but is also responsible for the on-site inspection, repair and maintenance of transmission networks, avalanche protection design and studies, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies and quality control.

We undertake new transmission line projects and upgrades, as well as maintenance consulting.


Sigurður Sigurjónsson

Discipline Manager Electrical Systems


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Ármann Ingason

Discipline Manager High-Voltage


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