Overhead Transmission Lines

Mannvit offers comprehensive design, consulting and engineering services for all phases of electric power transmission and distribution including decades of experience in the design of overhead power lines and transmission towers.

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Mannvit services:

  • Routing and Planning
  • Tower Spotting
  • Feasibility Study
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Transmission Line and Tower Design
  • Avalanche Protection and Seismic Design
  • Tender Documents
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Management
  • Supervision and Commissioning
  • On-site Inspection
  • Repair and Maintenance

The company specializes in the following transmission line towers:

  • Lattice steel guyed/self supporting towers
  • M-type suspension towers
  • V-type suspension towers
  • Self supporting Towers
  • Tension towers
  • End Frames
  • Tubular Towers
  • Avalanche Towers
  • Wood Poles
  • Wood Pole H-frames

Mannvit specialists are experts in guyed towers due to long experience in very challenging conditions. Here in Iceland, we have to deal with seismic activity, stormy weather and icing. Guyed towers are less expensive and better suited to these extreme conditions.

Company specialists also have extensive knowledge and experience in designing power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables, and maintenance consultation.

Here in Iceland, we have to deal with seismic activity, stormy weather and icing.


Tryggvi Jónsson

Section Manager, Structure


+354 422 3045