Landscape Analysis and Assessment

Development of plans and projects calls for landscape analysis and assessment of environmental impacts.  Mannvit has been developing a method to assess impacts on landscapes. This method is similar to what has been done in the UK for over a decade by The Landscape Institute and The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment. 

Landscape Analysis and Assessment Services -

Figure 1 shows the methodology in Mannvit's work. When classifying into landscape characters, we focus on specific features which make up the landscape. These features include: 

  • Geology
  • Vegetation
  • Hydrology
  • Land use
  • Land form

The features above are compared and overlaid in a geographical information system (GIS)  and all the areas are classified into landscape characters. Within each character are some dominant features that define that geographical area specifically. Each character definition is effected by the land form (i.e. mountains, hills or ridges). When the classification process is complete, it is confirmed by conducting a field survey and modifications are made if needed. 

To analyse impact of plans or projects values are given to the already classified landscape characters of the affected area. The impact is based on landscape values. 



Assessing impact on landscape is an important part of assessing environmental impact of projects and plans.


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Discipline Manager, Environment & Sustainability

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