Information Technology

Mannvit offers comprehensive consulting services in a broad range of Information Technology disciplines tailored to the needs of power and industrial companies, including the following:

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Mannvit offers telecommunications consulting services for large enterprises, state agencies, government and local authorities and telecommunications service providers.  Services include assessments, cost and requirements analyses, system design, tendering, system and services testing, commissioning and project management.

Automation and Control
Mannvit has decades of experience in the field of automation and control systems and has provided comprehensive services to a variety of power systems and industrial projects including power intensive industries, power plants, power transmission systems, buildings and the full range of public utilities.

Software and Systems Engineering
Company specialists offer specialized technical software development, procurement consulting and implementation project management as well as the engineering of large technical systems.  The company excels at an interdisciplinary approach to consulting on production processes, including the integration of diverse databases and emphasizes an approach drawing from related technology fields.

Projects in telecommunications, automation & control, software & systems engineering mainly for large power and industrial companies as well as data centres are the company’s trademark in the IT field.


Gunnar Páll Stefánsson

Electrical Engineer M.Sc.

422 3465

Þröstur Helgason

Discipline Manager Electrical and IT

+354 422 3425