Employees of all companies are entitled to a good and safe working environment. Companies are increasingly directing their business to companies that have occupational, environmental and safety matters in order

Mannvit provides services in the field of occupational health and safety at workplaces and is certified by the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health as a full HSE service provider. 

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Who is Responsible in your Company?

The employer is responsible to promote the mental and physical well-being of their employees as well as enabling their employees to carry out their work safely.  Working conditions, health and safety in the workplace are often the responsibility of the employer. The employer shall ensure that employees have a good and safe working environment.

Risk Assessment in the Workplace

An assessment starts with the mapping of all relevant activities. Risk factors are identified and the likelihood of an employee having an accident or compromising his health is estimated. The risk assessment then becomes the foundation for mitigation actions to lower these risks in a cost efficient manner.

The risk assessment is the foundation for a health and safety plan and preventive measures. Increased safety measures reduce the probability of accidents and associated costs. These costs can be, damage to property or the environment, company image, insurance costs, compensations and even business closure.

Mannvit is experienced in consulting and assisting companies with risk assessments and creating action plans regarding safety and occupational health in the workplace.

When introducing new health, safety and environmental priorities, it is important to educate and inform employees about why this is important and also to get employees on board and involved in developing the system.


Fire Prevention Inspections at Companies

Mannvit assists companies in creating, adopting and conducting their own fire prevention inspections. By conducting their own fire prevention inspections, companies greatly reduce the risk and are armed with a plan if one does start.  This greatly reduces the chance of injury, property damage and and minimizes cost exposures associated with these events.

All employees are entitled to a good and safe working environment.

Acoustics and Sound Technology

The company has the largest and most complete collection of audio instruments in the country. And,  Mannvit has  decades of experience and knowledge in solving acoustic problems. Project include solving acoustical problems for institutions, companies as well as  environmental impact assessments for major industrial projects.

Indoor Air Quality

Mannvit carries out inspections on indoor air quality for workplaces. These inspections, and subsequent reports, will be based on measurements of air quality and inspections of air conditioning, heat and cooling systems. We also can conduct employee surveys on perceptions of temperature and air quality in the workplace.

Safety Audits and Monitoring

Mannvit offers regular safety audits, both in the workplace and in construction areas. Safety audits offer great preventive value and increase safety awareness among employees. Factors inspected in audits include, accessibility and area restrictions, emergency readiness, personal protective equipment, machinery, work environment, inventory safety, rights and licenses.


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