Geothermal Energy

Mannvit is a leader in geothermal power development consulting with decades of experience. The company offers a comprehensive suite of design and consulting services that can take a project from start to finish.

We provide consulting for initial concept studies, feasibility studies and technical due diligence of existing projects. We offer geothermal exploration, evaluation of geothermal fields and world leading reservoir modeling consulting, drilling consulting, tendering of drilling services and Company Man during drilling.

Mannvit's experience in engineering and know-how in steam-field and power plant design is second to none. We also provide Project Management, operational and refurbishment consulting.


Geothermal energy consulting

Mannvit offers its clients the full range of technical and engineering services in each phase of geothermal development, including:

  • Geothermal exploration and reservoir engineering
  • Drilling engineering, management and supervision
  • Field development and steam gathering system design
  • Power plant engineering and refurbishment
  • Technical Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Teaching and training

Mannvit offers engineering and geoscientific consulting to geothermal developers, plant operators, investors, and financial organizations.

Mannvit’s geothermal energy projects involve harnessing high-temperature geothermal fields and designing flash steam power plants that produce electricity and hot water (combined heat and power), as well as designing geothermal power plants that produce electricity utilizing low-temperature geothermal fields via binary cycle and direct use of geothermal energy.


Kristinn Ingason

Discipline Manager, Geothermal Energy

+354 422 3122

Þorsteinn Sigmarsson

Director Asia Market

+354 422 3121 // +62 8111 031 094 (ID)

Geothermal energy consulting experience

Mannvit's five decades of geothermal energy consulting as Owner's Engineer or lead mechanical engineers to the well design, re-injection and fluid handling and reservoir engineering or feasibility studies.

Below are just a handful of projects Mannvit has provided consulting to:

The geothermal engineers, geoscientists and other company specialists at Mannvit, and its subsidiaries, have innovated unique solutions to complex challenges involving geothermal heat utilization. Direct use of geothermal energy is a field where Iceland has particularly good experience, having used geothermal energy for heating and various direct use for over 100 years.

Contact us:

Kristinn Ingason, Manager, Geothermal Energy Dept. via e-mail or tel.+354 422-3000.


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Engineering of more than 2000 MW in geothermal power and heating capacity. This project experience in geothermal plant design and drilling consulting coupled with world-class geoscience expertise has made us the trusted consultant to operators, project developers, financial and government institutes for the past six decades.