Geothermal Energy Investment Workshops

Mannvit has over five decades of experience in geothermal energy development. This experience includes all stages of development from very early research and exploration to fully operational power plants.

To provide an educational forum for the growing number of geothermal investor prospects, Mannvit offers one or two-day geothermal development training workshops from the company’s headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The consultancy team in these sessions consists of geothermal experts in every field. This workshop will provide the following:

  • Evaluating the risk/reward of a geothermal investment opportunity
  • Capital and operating expenditures of geothermal development
  • Variables between geothermal reservoirs (size and viability of the energy source)
  • Stages of geothermal development
  • Geothermal project management
  • Site visit to a geothermal power plant
Rýni og mat á gögnum jarðhitasvæða -

The sessions will provide a comprehensive overview of geothermal resource development. Our experts will explain all the pertinent stages of geothermal development, including Mannvit's own methods for developing projects. 

A typical geothermal workshop agenda is as follows:

Day one:

  • Short introduction to Mannvit's experience and capabilities in geothermal energy
  • Understanding Geothermal Reservoirs - led by Mannvit geothermal reservoir specialist
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Resource uniqueness
  • Geothermal project development
  • Development risk factors
  • Resource production potential
  • Reservoir modelling
  • Resource management

 Project Example: Geothermal district heating project (Greenfield) - led by Mannvit geothermal specialist

  • Reservoir evaluation and well site location
  • Geothermal field and power plant - led by Mannvit mechanical engineer and plant designer
  • Working Cycles
  • Equipment

Operation and Maintenance of a geothermal plant and reservoir - led by Mannvit Technician or Mechanical Engineer 

  • Geothermal Project Management - led by Mannvit project manager
  • Project management models in geothermal energy projects
  • Feasibility gates
  • The big picture - theory and project example


Day two:

  • Site visit to large geothermal area and power plant
  • Site visit to the Reykjavik municipal distribution system for hot water, wells and control systems
  • Wrap-up and Q&A

The program increases understanding of the different development steps and the exploration, operational, cost, hazardous and socio-environmental risks involved. 


Kristinn Ingason

Discipline Manager, Geothermal Energy

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Þorsteinn Sigmarsson

Director Asia Market

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