Geothermal Drilling

Mannvit’s drilling services team consists of highly experienced professionals in drilling programs, well design, downhole pumps, fluid handling, drill pads, geology and reservoir engineering. The team provides both drilling consulting as well as on-site supervision. We emphasize health, safety and the environment in all our operations.

Jarðhitaborun -

Mannvit’s drilling team has been involved in geothermal drilling for decades, resulting in comprehensive experience and lessons learned in harsh drilling environments with extreme temperatures, corrosive fluids, scaling and extreme loss of circulation. Owing to the long history of geothermal utilization in Iceland and project experience from around the world, Mannvit has amassed significant expertise in drilling engineering in this unique field, which is not directly transferable from other industries. 


  • Well prognosis
  • Well siting and pad preparation
  • Well design
  • Bid preparation and tender evaluation
  • Procurement
  • Drilling supervision
  • Well testing
  • Stimulation
  • Inspections of rigs, equipment materials
  • Well work-over programs

Geothermal project developers are aware of the importance of risk mitigation during the most important phases of their development.  Successfully connecting the well to the geothermal aquifer is amongst the most important tasks undertaken during the project implementation.  This will determine the success of the whole project. 

Drilling supervision and well design of more than 200 geothermal wells


Arnar Bjarki Árnason

Mechanical Engineer Technologist, Geothermal Energy

+354 422 3147

Kristinn Ingason

Discipline Manager, Geothermal Energy

+354 422 3122

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Video: World record temperature in a geothermal well. Drilling into magma in Krafla, Iceland