Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical design is an important element in the preliminary stage of all structures, and Mannvit’s specialists have vast experience in this field. The most extensive projects are related to power plant projects, steel pilings in harbour construction, dam design, infrastructure and power intensive industries.

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Mannvit’s consultants have extensive experience in geotechnical design and the supervision of such structures.  Foundation bearing capacity is evaluated, stability calculated, settlement predictions and liquefaction potential during earthquakes assessed. In larger projects, it is often necessary to perform comprehensive and specialized geotechnical investigations on soil and bedrock material properties.

Research is conducted on minerals intended for use, and on foundations for structures. Where rock is at depth, SPT and/or CPT-holes are drilled to determine soil characteristics. In addition, undisturbed samples are taken to evaluate shear strength and settlement properties.

Larger buildings are typically founded on piles if depth to rock is deep or material properties poor, but with lighter structures it is possible to place a surcharge load (pre-loading) on the construction site to obtain the projected settlement that the building would otherwise cause.

Comprehensive and specialized geotechnical research needs to be conducted in large infrastructure projects.


Atli Karl Ingimarsson

Discipline Manager, Geotechnical

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Jórunn Halldórsdóttir

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Þorri Björn Gunnarsson

Geotechnical Engineer M.Sc.

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Benedikt Stefánsson

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