Geology and Rock Mechanics

Mannvit provides expert consultation in all aspects of geology and rock mechanics and has applied this expertise to numerous and varied projects in Iceland and abroad. This includes, among others, geological mapping, soil and bedrock surveying, exploration drilling, groundwater studies, evaluation of borrow areas and rock quality assessments.


Soil and bedrock studies are a necessary part for planning communities and construction work and for determination of the bearing capacity of foundations. Investigation must cover types and thickness of loose strata, types of bedrock, fissures, faults, ground water level, material testing and numerous other items.  

Before exploitation of potable water sources from either wells or boreholes, seepage and capacity assessments for the geologic strata must be studied. Hydraulic conductivity of soil and/or rock strata must be evaluated and seepage and pumping tests conducted.

Rock mechanics involves evaluating the characteristics and quality of bedrock for various types of structures. Research and tests are done on the bedrock to determine its strength, structural stiffness and stability for foundation, rock slopes, rock anchors, rock grouting, etc.  Consultation on excavation blasting methods is provided along with evaluation of rock size distribution from prospective rock quarry.

Mannvit’s specialists have decades of experience in designing, consulting and supervising tunnel constructions, covering all underground constructions for hydraulic power plants and road tunnels, see Tunnels.

Soil and bedrock studies are a fundamental part of tunnel and structure planning.


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Geological Engineer M.Sc.

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Discipline Manager, Geotechnical

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Geology M.Sc.

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