Environmental Training

Mannvit employs a team of highly experienced specialists providing a wide range of professional services relating to environmental affairs. The company‘s specialists have been involved in lecturing and training at different educational levels includingprimary schools, colleges and universities. Mannvit‘s specialists also speak at conferences and symposiums and take part in organizing short courses on a wide range of environmental issues.  


Constant employee training is important for Mannvit to be prepaired to solve various demanding projects at all times. In some environmental projects, Mannvit supervises and organizes public presentations when required. The company‘s specialists have also been asked to give lectures on diverse environmental issues.  

Mannvit employs a team of highly experienced environmental specialists that offer training at all educational levels and for a wide variety of venues.


Haukur Einarsson

Environmental Engineer M.Sc. Environment & sustainability


+354 422 3016

Rúnar D. Bjarnason

Discipline Manager, Environment & Sustainability


+354 422 3054