Environmental Management

Most industrial companys are required to monitor the environmental impact of their operations according to terms and conditions defined in permits and find solutions to minimize pollution.  Mannvit offers services in the application of various kinds of permits, evironmental management, preparation of licenses and monitoring programs for large industrial companies including, seafood industry, waste management and other industry sectors in Iceland. Mannvit also offers services to companies and institutions in the documentation and environmental reporting to Icelandic authorities including carbon accounting and  green accounting.

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Environmental management is increasingly becoming an integral part of companys‘ quality management systems. Mannvit has participated in this growing trend and has assissted numerous companies with development of an environmental policy, planning the system and implementing it. An important part of environmental management is to conduct an environmental review of the company, its activities and enviromental aspects before operation starts and to measure and monitor environmental performance during operations. The type and scale of the project determines which environmental aspects are identified to have significant environmental impact and can be measured to monitor performance. 

Concise preparation of permits and monitoring programs is the foundation of successful environmental management.


Haukur Einarsson

Environmental Engineer M.Sc. Environment & sustainability


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Rúnar D. Bjarnason

Discipline Manager, Environment & Sustainability


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Bergrós Arna Sævarsdóttir

Environmental Engineer M.Sc., Environment


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