Environmental Investigation

Mannvit specializes in environmental investigations, measurements and research. Services include geodetic surveys, hydrology, geology, geography, chemistry and acoustical measurements. The company employs a team of highly experienced specialists as well as all of the requisite tools, instruments and measuring equipment necessary to carry out a wide variety  of projects. Mannvit also offers services in preparing monitoring programs, environmental reporting to authorities and supervision of environmental monitoring and investigations related to operations where pollution is generated and projects subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

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Mannvit's specialists have a broad knowledge and experience in environmental investigations, research and interpretations of data. The company offers services in supervision of investigations and monitoring of industrial operations and other projects that ar subject to EIA, require environmental permits and must submit green accounting reports. Our expertise is in the following fields:

  • Geological investigations
  • Landscape analysis
  • Visual impact
  • Noise impact
  • Geochemistry
  • Gas analysis
  • H2S monitoring
  • Emission assessment
  • Environmental modeling
  • Carbon accounting
  • Air quality
  • Well logging
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Sea level monitoring

The Mannvit team can supply environmental modeling to serve as a backbone in the EIA process and provide further assistance with the EIA for the development project at hand. Environmental modeling includes modeling air dispersion, surface water flow and groundwater flow in order to determine the environmental impacts of geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, aluminum smelters and various other construction projects.

Thorough preparation of environmental investigations, measurements and research is the foundation of Environmental Impact Assessments, permits and environmental reporting to authorities.


Haukur Einarsson

Environmental Engineer M.Sc. Environment & sustainability


+354 422 3016

Rúnar D. Bjarnason

Discipline Manager, Environment & Sustainability


+354 422 3054

Bergrós Arna Sævarsdóttir

Environmental Engineer M.Sc., Environment


+354 422 3614