Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake engineering is a broad definition covering several sub disciplines. Mannvit's structural engineers have extensive knowledge and experience related to the different elements of earthquake engineering (also called seismic engineering), including seismic analysis and seismic design.

Umhverfisstjórnun -

The primary objective of earthquake engineering is to make buildings that are earthquake resistant in order to save lives and property. Mannvit is based in Iceland, an active earthquake zone with peak ground acceleration (PGA) up to 0.4g and higher.  Therefore, structures in Iceland are designed and constructed to withstand excessive seismic loads with minimal damage and therefore no loss of life.

Mannvit’s designers have experience in the seismic design of different structural systems of concrete, steel and timber, as well as non-structural elements such as warehouse racks and various building service systems.  

One of the methods for connecting seismic forecasts to building design is through numeric modeling.  Earthquake engineering is greatly enhanced by modeling the ways in which a certain type of structure will respond to seismic activity. Mannvit has experience in using the latest versions of advanced computer finite element analysis (FEA) programs such as SAP2000 and Etabs to assist in design and modeling.

Depending on the form of the structures being considered, different analyses may be necessary, including linear and non-linear, as well as static, quasi-static and dynamic analysis. 

Mannvit´s projects include both residential and public buildings ranging from single family houses to complex buildings, such as power plants, dams, bridges, data centers.  

Our engineers have developed skills in their specialized disciplines in the constant presence of very active geology.  In other words, our home and training ground is a relatively harsh environment, geologically, compared to many others.  The skills of our engineers are based on developing safe, reliable structures and power projects in this environment.  We have been well prepared to export these skills globally.

The skills of our engineers are based on developing safe, reliable structures and power projects in harsh environment.