Data Centers

Building data centers in Iceland holds many financial, strategic and environmental advantages including, minimal or no cooling costs due to Iceland's year-round low ambient temperatures, inexpensive, reliable and abundant electricity derived entirely from renewable resources offers branding opportunities for green-energy. Four high-throughput fiber optic submarine cables connect Iceland with Europe and the USA.  A highly educated workforce and solid infrastructure with reliable power transmission make Iceland an ideal data center location.


For companies looking to outsource green data centers, Iceland is becoming a country of serious interest and Mannvit has the know-how and experience to assist in all facets of data center design and construction, including environmental, health and safety, structures, HVAC, cooling, telecommunications, power systems engineering and automation.

For more information on the advantages of locating your data center in Iceland, go to Invest in Iceland's website or check out this data Center website, outlining Iceland's value proposition for data centers.

Mannvit was in charge of all of the engineering design of Verne's Data Centre at the former US Naval Base in Keflavik. Mannvit also reorganised Iceland’s Bank Data Centre.


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Section Manager, Structure

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Discipline Manager Electrical and IT

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