Chemical Engineering

Mannvit has decades of experience providing consulting and design services in the field of chemical engineering, and has been involved in a number of diverse and challenging projects. Mannvit is dedicated to the development of environmentally-friendly energy technology and has participated in a multi-faceted project utilizing landfill gas to produce methane for electricity and vehicle fuel. Mannvit has also taken part in projects for the production of bio-diesel, bio-ethanol, hydrogen and methanol from CO2.  Other noteworthy projects include compost production from organic waste and anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste, as well as preparations for a biogas production facility in Reykjavik.

Diverse project portfolio -

Diverse project portfolio

  • Project development using absorption and distillation to reduce or reduce gas emissions from geothermal power plants. Non-condensable gases, namely hydrogen sulfide and CO2 are separated and re-injected into the ground.
  • Development and construction of geothermal power plants utilizing Kalina and ORC technology.
  • Project development utilizing thermophilic microorganisms to reduce or eliminate gas emissions from geothermal power plants.

Our projects include non-condensable gase (NGC) removal plant in geothermal power plants, methane gas for cars, methanol production from CO2 and biodiesel fuel.