Mannvit offers various kinds of cartographic services. Maps are created using coordinated aerial photographs or geographical databases. These can be published for printing or offered as digital media.  

Most maps are created by using ArcGIS software from ESRI, which is one of the best GIS software systems on the market today. Mannvit also uses Adobe design and publishing software to produce maps.

Cartographic services -

Smart phones and tablets have led to new ways to access GIS data. It has also become much easier to access public GIS data. Using ArcGIS software from ESRI, Mannvit can create custom made maps for clients to download on smart devices using a mobile app. Using the GPS that these devices already contain makes it possible to see your location on the map.  Such maps can benefit various recreational groups like hikers, bikers, rescue parties and other response bodies.

Maps are often not top of mind, but often what’s needed most.