Buildings & Construction

Engineering services relating to building design, construction and maintenance have formed a core activity in our operations since the company was founded in 1963.

We offer our clients direct access to a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists offering consultancy services in preliminary work, building design, construction management as well as construction supervision and maintenance work.  Mannvit has served as engineering consultant on almost every type of building project including, domestic housing, schools, hotels, sports centers, offices, factories, hospitals and health centers.  

From preliminary or structural designs for buildings and other structures, to the design of HVAC, electrical and control systems, to developing fire safety plans and designing diverse acoustical solutions, specialists at Mannvit have the knowledge to solve project challenges of any size.


Building Design and Construction Service -

New Buildings

The design of new buildings may be divided into a number of phases. These include needs analysis, cost estimates, initial design and planning, final design, tender documents, assistance with choosing a contractor and consulting during construction.  For cost estimates, Mannvit specialists can utilize the company's own highly-developed price database, which includes thousands of unit prices covering a wide spectrum of services and materials. 

The analysis and design of bearing and support structures are a vital aspect of all construction design and, more often than not, ultimately determine the cost-effectiveness and quality of the final development.  Furthermore, how long a building lasts can depend, to a large extent, on the selection of the materials used in its construction and the arrangement of its support structures, which must be able to resist the external and internal forces to which they will be subjected, both with regard to load-bearing capacity and rigidity.  All of these aspects - design, materials and arrangement of structural support - work in conjunction in any successful building project.

Maintenance and Renovation

Successful building maintenance and renovation projects require experience as well as precise planning and execution.  A wide variety of factors must be taken into account and as a consequence such projects are often complicated and may require such elements as:  analysis, assessment of the type and level of maintenance involved, design of the proposed work, preparation of technical specifications and tender documents, cost estimates and assistance with choosing a contractor.  Such projects also require consulting services during construction, including construction management, supervision and appraisal.  

Geology and Soil Mechanics

Mannvit has broad-based knowledge and experience in the fields of geology and soil mechanics.  Company specialists have been involved in numerous and diverse projects from, soil and bedrock surveys to the evaluation of soil and rock mechanical properties and geotechnical assessments on conditions for the structural foundations of tunnels, dams and much more.   

Project experience and multidisciplinary approach enables Mannvit to support project delivery on time and on budget. Signature projects include Reykjavík University and Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre and Marriott's Reykjavik EDITION.

Project Management and Cost Control

Specialists at Mannvit have a vast experience in the field of project management and supervision and have been involved in such large-scale projects as aluminum smelters and shopping centers, as well as specialized development and planning projects. Cost control is one of the prerequisites for successful construction, and comprehensive construction management ensures an overall perspective during all stages of construction.

Quality and Safety Systems

Implementing quality and safety systems has become an operating requirement among companies and government agencies. Specialists at Mannvit have experience in risk assessment, occupational safety, or implementing quality systems for in-process control tests and certifications.


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