Mannvit has decades of experience in bridge engineering, design and consulting.  The company employs experts in the field of bridge building and offers a full range of related services, including feasibility studies, bridge design and design review, retrofitting, tender documents, site planning, flood and discharge forecasts and project supervision.

Brýr -

Bridge engineering expertise

  • Concrete bridges
  • Composite arch bridges
  • Steel bridges
  • Underpasses
  • Ferry landings
  • Pedestrian bridges

Mannvit's bridge capabilities include a broad base of related specialties. The bridge engineering team includes specialists in core civil engineering disciplines like structural engineering and design for concrete, steel and timber, as well as expertise in concrete manufacturing and quality control.  In addition, the Center for Applied Technology for Alkali Aggregate Research (AAR) is also based in Mannvit's own laboratory, providing in-house access to world-class concrete testing and analysis.

Project experience in bridge design coupled with geotechnical expertise has made us the trusted consultant to government institutions, cities and municipalities for decades.


Valdimar Örn Helgason

Discipline lead, Structural engineering

+354 422 3029

Jón Guðni Guðmundsson

Structural Engineering M.Sc.

+354 422 3196

Torfi G. Sigurðsson

Civil Engineer M.Sc., Hydropower

+354 422 3702