Biogas & Landfill Gas Processing

Mannvit specialises in providing consultancy services and comprehensive services for handling methane rich gases, such as from landfills and AD plants. The main tasks involve the collection of landfill gas; the manufacture, transport and distribution of methane fuel; assessment and consultancy with respect to gas formation from animal by-products in poultry and pig farms and sewage treatment facilities; Surveying of regional raw material availability for biogas production.

Gasvinnsla -

A methane-rich gas forms when organic material decomposes under anaerobic conditions. Landfill gas forms, for instance, at landfills, and biogas forms in AD plants, in sewage treatment plants and where organic waste is processed.

Methane-rich gas can be collected and used to manufacture electricity and/or heat, and it can be upgraded to make methane fuel for vehicles.

Mannvit has designed a system to collect landfill gas, has designed upgrading plant for the manufacture of methane fuel, as well as underground transport pipe systems and refuelling stations. Mannvit provides advice on the purchase and installation of power plants that use landfill gas. We have also developed models to assess gas formation, executed tests at landfill sites to assess gas formation, provided advice as regards to technical solutions for the treatment of gas, assisted in purchase and operation and performed risk assessment as regards to explosion risks.

Utilization of methane is eco-friendly


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