Biofuels & Biogas

Mannvit is dedicated to renewable energy and has extensive experience in biofuels, especially biomethane, biodiesel and bioethanol.  Company specialists offer experienced biofuel process engineering, consulting and design services and works with clients to develop process design packages for the production of biofuels.  We have the capability to provide full service, turn-key project development or, we can supplement your company’s internal resources needs throughout the project life-cycle.

Our focus is to develop process design packages for biomass utilization and renewable energy projects. Our core strengths are in chemistry, biotechnology, fermentation, feedstock handling and preparation, pretreatment, enzymatic and thermochemical hydrolysis, sterilization, solids separations, distillation, evaporation and product purification. These strengths include the unit operations common to the chemical and biotechnological process industries


Landfill gas and biomethane
Mannvit has worked on many biomethane production and utilization projects and is currently working with the University of Akureyri on a new method for increasing the efficiency of anaerobic digestion systems for biomethane production.

Mannvit is at the forefront of biodiesel production in Iceland, having designed a 300 tpa biodiesel plant utilizing waste vegetable oil and animal fats.

Mannvit is working with the University of Akureyri and others on two bioethanol R&D projects and is planning a pilot plant for producing bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass.
Mannvit worked for Carbon Recycling International on a design for a plant that converts CO2 into methanol.  Mannvit oversaw all engineering, procurement and construction of the first facility to convert CO2 to liquid fuel, effectively creating carbon neutral fuel for motor vehicles and increasing the fuel independence of Iceland, which otherwise relies on expensive imported fuels for transportation.

“Now the owners of methane fuelled vehicles can travel between Reykjavík and Akureyri on methane alone. With this facility, our carbon footprint decreases by 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.“



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Biofuels & Biogas