Acoustics is the science of sound and an interdisciplinary field within science and engineering. This includes sound waves are effected in gases, liquids and solids. Acoustics, therefore, covers everything from simple vibrations to music and how the human ear interprets sounds. The field of acoustical engineering incorporates the design of concert halls, auditoriums, schools, offices and various other spaces, taking into consideration reverberation, speech intelligibility, noise control, sound insulation, sound recording and playback of sound to name a few. The field of acoustical engineering is also important in planning and designing of buildings, industry, transportation and the environment.

Mannvit offers expertise and experience in acoustical design and solving acoustical problems.  Mannvit employs specialists in acoustics and holds an extensive collection of measurement equipment and facilities and programs for simulating acoustics.

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Acoustical services include:

  • Building acoustics / room acoustics and sound insulation
  • Noise assessments
  • Traffic noise mapping
  • Assessing and mapping aircraft/airport noise
  • Industrial noise control
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Acoustical measurements


“Noise induced hearing loss is the most common reported occupational disease in the EU“ - The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


Gunnar Birnir Jónsson

Acoustical Engineer M.Sc. Acoustics

+354 422 3359