Widening of the Ring Road

Mannvit carried out the preliminary and project design for the widening of the Ring Road (1) from the roots of the “Kambar” to the junction of the Ring Road and Biskupstungnabraut, which is an approximately 12 km section. Eight concrete bridges and tunnels were designed in the road sections and five corrugated steel tunnels, thereof one intended for vehicle traffic. The Ring Road will have two double roundabouts and two T-intersections. In addition, side roads are a part of the project, totalling approximately 9 km. There will be a cycling route on a side road the whole way between Hveragerði and Selfoss. The aim of the project is to increase traffic safety by separating driving directions and reducing the number of links with the Ring Road, as well as increasing the traffic area in the road system between Hveragerði and Selfoss.

Hringvegurinn Selfoss Og Hveragerði


Design and engineering


“This will increase road safety considerably in this high-traffic section. It is therefore very positive that the Icelandic Road Administration undertook this project, as we see that the increase in tourism is resulting in more traffic in the area than had been anticipated.”

Viðar Jónsson

Project Manager


Video - New ring road phase 1 - Hveragerdi to Selfoss