Waste treatment plant, SORPA

Mannvit provides engineering consultancy for the new Waste Treatment Plant to be installed by SORPA in Álfsnes. Mannvit is responsible for Project Controls, Document Control, Procurement,   Tender documents, Design Review and acts as the Owner‘s Engineer. The new plant will be a milestone in environmental efforts in Greater Reykjavík, with organic household waste ceasing to be landfilled. It is expected that more than 95% of household waste in Greater Reykjavík will be recycled. The plant will handle some 35,000 tonnes of household municipal solid waste per year and generate around 3 million Nm3 of bio-methane gas to be used in vehicles. This is the equivalent of 3.3 million litres of petrol. It will also generate soil improvers, which may be used for land reclamation, forestry or landscaping. 

The tendering procedure for a technical solution for the station selected a solution offered by the Danish company Aikan A/S. The station will be fully operational by the end of 2019.


The biogas and composting station will be located on an 82,000 m2 area of land in Álfsnes. This station may be doubled in size, if need be. The station consists of a reception area for waste, a processing room, twenty processing bays and ten maturation bays for compost, biogas-generation tanks and a post-sorting area for quality assurance for compost and recovery of recycled materials. Construction of this plant is key to ceasing the landfilling of organic and combustible waste in 2020 and reducing odour pollution from landfill sites. 


  • Project Controls
  • Document Control
  • Procurement
  • Tender documents
  • Design Review
  • Owner‘s Engineer
12.800   m2 
Floor area
12.000 tpy 
35.000 tpy 
Household waste

SORPA is owned by the municipalities of Greater Reykjavík. The aim of the municipalities is to maximise environmental benefits while at the same time finding the most efficient waste management solutions.