Thingeyri Airport

The operation consisted of redesign and extension of existing runway, expansion of safety areas, new landing lights and relocation of a new road for the airport operator, Isavia. The redesign of existing runway is to improve its utilization for scheduled flights.

The existing runway was extended from 950 m to 1084 m and each end is elevated so the runway is horizontal. The safety areas were expanded from 10 m to 25 m. The total width of the runway including the safety areas were extended by 80 m. An additionally 60 m safety area at each end of the runway finalized with the same structure as the runway itself. Pull-through conduit, light collars and pothole constructed as well as extension of the drain. The runway, apron and rotation areas at each end of the runway asphalted. New 0.3 km road installed in class C2 with asphalt and new 2 km road in class D with gravel surface because of the changes in the runway.


Engineering design of the runway, electricity, cost estimate and tender documents.

Runway length
1.4 m.€ 

Isavia provides services in the air and on the ground. The company handles the operation and development of all airports in Iceland and, furthermore, manages air traffic in the Icelandic control area that has a size of 5,4 million square kilometres which makes it one of the largest in the world. Isavia employs approximately 650 people, and approximately 820 employees including subsidiaries.