Telecommunications in Iceland

Analysis and planning for fibre-optic connections in rural areas of Iceland, including mapping of the areas and places with no fibre-optic connection, preliminary design of a fibre-optic system and assessment of the extent and cost of setting up a new system. The plan was to connect around 4,000 building in rural areas all around Iceland.


  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Mapping
  • Cost assessment
  • Preliminary design

“It was a real pleasure to work on a project like this which promotes habitation in all parts of the country. Improved telecommunications is one of the foundations of modern living – we therefore looked at what form such telecommunications could take and the scale of such a project. Fibre-optic connection was viewed as a long-term solution, where good use could be made of Mannvit’s expertise.”

Magnús Hauksson

Project Manager