TDD Akiira One, Kenya

Technical due diligence for a financial institution on the Akiira ONE geothermal prospect that is located south of the Olkaria Domes geothermal field in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. The area to be developed is a green field. The surface at the Akiira prospect is relatively flat with few geothermal surface manifestations. Resource temperature was estimated by the application of geothermometers to steam samples from a shallow well. 

The proposed initial size for the power plant is 70 MW based on the present knowledge of the geothermal resource. Next steps will include some additional research, confirmation of the resource by drilling and modelling of the resource which is necessary to support the estimated power plant size.

The main deliverables from the study were: a technical due diligence, compilation of available data from various sources, review of the conceptual model, review of drilling plans and resource review. Further work will include review of well tests and review of future drilling plans.



  • Technical due diligence
  • Opine on geological model
  • Opine on ability of the resource to support the planned power plant
  • Review P50, P90 and P99 resource analysis
  • Review the data from the wells drilled and tested
  • Review of future drilling plans