Taufkirchen Kalina Geothermal Power Plant

GeoEnergie Taufkirchen is building a combined geothermal heat and power plant unit in Taufkirchen, Germany. Mannvit was involved in the design of the Kalina-type geothermal plant in Taufkirchen, a town on the outskirts of Munich. GeoEnergie Taufkirchen, partly owned by Exorka, plans to build and operate the plant and show that such a plant is an attractive option for utilizing low-temperature areas. Mannvit and Exorka have collaborated on such power plants since the turn of the century.

Among the tasks undertaken by Mannvit are the design review reports, design of piping systems, foundations, load bearing structures and platforms. Mannvit is also involved in the electrical design, PLC design and programming, assistance in the start-up and commissioning of the plant, mechanical installation tender documents, as-built drawings, project management and assistance in negotiations with OEMs.

The temperature of the water is around 135 °C which is why the Kalina technology was selected. The Taufkirchen plant will be the second such plant operated in this area. The plant, will produce 4 MWe and 35 MWt of hot water for house heating after the 1st phase or approximately 76 GWh/year. The heating utility will serve the towns of Taufkirchen and Oberhaching. The plant will reduce emissions by around 18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which would otherwise be released through  the burning of fossil fuels.


  • Design review reports
  • PLC design and programming
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design
  • Structural platform design
  • Mechanical installation tender documents
  • Valves- tender documents
  • Start-up support
  • As-built drawings
  • Project management
  • Contracting


35 MW 
Heating capacity
135 °C 
Water temperature
4 MW 
Electrical capacity

“The design is based on pre-fabricated units that minimise installation time on-site and provide the option of re-use in the design of future plants.“

Ragnar Heiðar Guðjónsson

Project Manager