Tasiilaq small hydroelectric power plant

The Tasiilaq small hydroelectric power plant is located near the town of Tasiilaq on the East coast of Greenland, at 65 degrees north. The station serves the town and replaces diesel generators. The construction started in 2001 and the station was commissioned end of year, 2004. Due to weather conditions, transportation by sea was only possible during the summer and outdoor civil work was difficult during the winter.

Smávirkjun í Tasiilaq, Grænlandi - Mannvit.is

Technical data:
Client: Greenland Power Company – Nukissiorfiit
Installed capacity: 1,200 kW
Turbines: 1 Turgo unit, horizontal axis
Gross head: 98 m
Harnessed discharge: 1.7 m³/s
Main water reservoir: Level 160 m above sea level, storage capacity of 16 million m³,
control valve to regulate water
Intake reservoir: Level 100 m above sea level. Intake valve and trash racks.
Penstock: ø925 – 1100 mm; length 1200 m
Electrical transmission: 10kV, 2.9 km
Powerhouse L/W/H: 15/10/6 m


  • Review of a pre-feasibility study 
  • Design and tender documentation
  • Hydraulic design
  • Waterways design
  • Electromechanical work
  • Civil work
  • Electrical work and transmission lines
  • Detail drawings for the civil work 
  • Participation in the procurement of the electromechanical equipment
  • Assistance in supervision
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
1,200 kW 
Installed capacity
1 Turgo  unit 
Gross head