Survey of geothermal areas in the Ukraine

Mannvit is a key advisor to a new company, the Renewable Energy Company of Ukraine (REU), which intends to increase the use of green energy in Ukraine, with an emphasis on geothermal energy. In 2016, Mannvit conducted an extensive survey of close to 800 areas all over the country and explored conditions to harness geothermal resources to use in generating heat and electricity. Selected areas will be investigated more closely in the near future, and the plan is to commence exploration drilling and further implementation in connection with the most promising projects.



“It has been very exciting for Mannvit’s experts to work with a group of Ukrainian locals aiming to move an entire society towards increased sustainability in the utilisation of energy resources and as well as energy independence. This development will not only have an important effect on the country’s economic and social growth, but also on the environment, as Ukraine’s energy needs have until now mostly been met with carbon fuels and nuclear energy. Mannvit’s involvement in REU’s projects is therefore a small but sincere contribution to the development of green energy in Ukraine.”

Óðinn Albertsson

Project Manager