Silica scaling mitigation plant, Indonesia

PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) geothermal power plant operator hired Mannvit, in a team with CBN as the Indonesian partner of Mannvit, Kemía and ÍSOR, to design a pilot plant for the treatment of geothermal water to mitigate scaling of the geothermal water to be used in a new expansion

The pilot plant tests the treatment of the geothermal water in order to reduce silica scaling before the design and construction of an expansion unit of the geothermal power plant.

Geo Dipa Dieng Scaling Mitigation Pilot Plant by Mannvit

The role of Mannvit and the Icelandic consultants was to provide a complete solution, including; design and engineering, manufacturing, operation and commissioning and training in the operation of the plant. The pilot plant is built for fluid handling, as a test facility for selection of power process and operating parameters in geothermal power plant. The unit simulates single and double flash, indirect condenser power plant with ORC unit, together with both hot and cooled injection.

The scale mitigation is done with acid injection into 2-phase flow as well as into brine phase. The unit is fit with packed bed to simulate reaction in reservoir at injection.

The unit is constructed on to a trailer, allowing for mobilization within- and between areas, which  can be very useful for developers to test brine in different reservoirs before design. The unit is also with automatic control.


  • Solution provider
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Operation
  • Training