Sigalda Hydroelectric Power Station

Construction of the Sigalda Hydroelectric Power Station began in 1973, and the station’s three 50-MW turbines went online in 1977-78. The Sigalda Station is linked into the national grid with 220 kV transmission lines to the Sultartangi, Hrauneyjafoss and Vatnsfell Stations, as well as a 132-kV line to southeast Iceland.

Sigalda Hydroelectric Power Station -

Technical data:
Client: The National Power Company (Landsvirkjun)
Installed capacity: 150 MW
Turbines: 3 Francis units, vertical axis.
Gross head: 74 m
Harnessed discharge: 230 m³/s
Annual energy production: 650 GWh
Sigalda Dam: Length: 925 m; crest 42 m
Water reservoir: Krokslon Reservoir; 498 m.a.s.l.; storage capacity of 140 million m³.
Pressure shafts: 3 sloped pressure shafts; ø4.3 m; length 216 m
Headrace canal: 1000 m
Tailrace canal: 550 m


  • Feasibility studies
  • Site investigation
  • Assessment of harnessing choices
  • Civil works design
  • Structural and mechanical design 
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Cost estimates
  • Tender documents and evaluation
  • Contract documents
  • Project planning
150 MW 
Installed capacity
3 Francis  units 
Gross head

Sigalda Hydroelectric Power Station