Rio Tinto Alcan, Aluminium Plant

The ISAL Production Upgrade by Rio Tinto Alcan updated the equipment, increasing production capacity, and altering the production process in the smelter's casthouse in Straumsvík to meet changed products demand, along with installation of new gas treatment centers and increasing operational reliability by updating the electrical equipment.

This project is an EPCM delivery (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management and Project Management) of complete work conducted in the framework of HRV‐Engineering, where Mannvit owns a prevailing share and contributes key personnel resources, in co‐operation with Hatch.


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The plant's operational reliability was improved with upgrade and installation of new HV equipment and rectifiers. Plant production is increased with a raised amperage and bath recycling plant, rodding shop, two new additional Gas Treatment Centers (GTC’s), alumina handling and general upgrade of plant infrastructure.

The products are changed from rolling slabs to extrusion billets with required modification of casting equipment and installation of three new continuous homogenizing furnaces.


EPCM services.

230.000 tpy 
~700 MUSD