Refurbishment of Geothermal Well

Veitur are currently refurbishing one of the oldest geothermal wells in Reykjavík, at Bolholt behind the Icelandic Stock Exchange. The project is to install a new pump system as well as refurbishment of the well itself. After serving Reykjavík's district heating for almost 60 years there is noticeable scaling in the hole that has reduced its output. It is necessary to re-enter the hole for cleaning and re-casing.

As well as re-entering the hole it is time to replace the old pumping system with a new submersible pump system that that is more energy efficient and make the control more agile with real time monitoring of the holes KPI’s.

Mannvit is responsible for the design of electrical system for the new pump system. Design of Control system and remote monitoring system for the new pump system and review of current buildings and updating design documents to new codes. Mannvit is also doing the commissioning of the control system as well as structural engineering of modifications.

Geothermal Well Refurbishment District Heating

Since drilling in 1963 this well has provided heat for the city's district heating, providing heating for 2000 homes and is one of the most productive wells inside the city. It is just one of 10 geothermal wells in this neighborhood and 18 wells inside the city limits.

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  • Design of the electrical supply
  • Design of control system
  • Design of related modifications of the pump station
  • Structural engineering of modifications
Year of commission
Houses heated by well

Veitur Utilities provides access to hot water supplies, electricity, water and wastewater systems. Veitur provides hot water from low-temperature fields and ON Power’s geothermal power plants in the Hengill district. The company services the entire capital area, in addition to the urban and rural areas of South and West Iceland. The company has a history of 85 years in the sustainable utilisation of geothermal energy.



Refurbishment of a Geothermal well in Reykjavik, Iceland