Qorlortorsuaq small hydropower plant

The Qorlortorsuaq small hydropower plant is located in Southern Greenland, at 60, 45’ north and supplies electricity to the towns: Qaqortoq and Narsaq, via a 60 kV transmission line of 70 km total length, replacing diesel generation.

Qorlortorsuaq smávirkjun, Grænlandi - Mannvit.is

Technical data:
Client: Greenland Power Company - Nukissiorfiit
Installed capacity: 8 MW
Turbines: 2 Francis units, horizontal axis
Gross head: 106 m
Harnessed discharge: 8.4 m³/s rated flow
Annual energy production: 27 GWh
Water reservoir: 108 million m³
Concrete dam: Height 15 m and crest length of 80 m
Headrace tunnel: W/H: 3.8/3.8 m; length 150 m. Exploded into the lake
Penstock: ø1.9 m; length 330 m
Tailrace canal: 100 m
Powerhouse L/W/H: 22/14/8 m


Electromechanical equipment:

  • Construction management
  • Site supervision

Penstock and gates:

  • Construction management
  • Site supervision
  • Participation in design 

Testing and commissioning:

  • Planning and coordination of the testing and commissioning
  • Testing was done with load banks
8 MW 
Installed capacity
2 Francis  units 
Gross head