Norðfjörður Airport Renovation

Initial engineering design of renovation of runway and apron, and labeling of runway. The runway is 1000 m long.

Runway resurfacing at Norðfjörður airport. Projects included: 

- Surface measurements of the runway and surrounding area.
- Test holes: c/c 100m on runway and apron, as well as safety areas if necessary.  Sampling and examining distribution of corn if necessary.
- Grading existing gravel surface (50-100 mm) and engineering design of new surface so the runway is elevated about 20-30 cm.
- Double sheeting on runway and apron.
- Runway: Non-instrument code 2B.
- Runway: length 1000 m, width 23 m, Taxiway width 15 m.  The runway positioned as close to the center of existing runway as possible. Cross incline on runway 2%. 
- Safety area width 80m (40m from center of runway), safety area at end of runway, 60 m from threshold.
- Pull-through conduit 3 x ø100 in 4 places, i.e. on both thresholds, center of runway an through taxiway.


Photo: Fjardabyggd.


  • Initial engineering design
  • Cost estimate
  • Reporting
Safety area width