More efficient use of resources in Olkaria, Kenya

KenGen made an agreement with Mannvit to provide advice on how to better utilise their geothermal resources in Olkaria, Kenya. In Olkaria, approximately 530 MW are already being produced in KenGen’s area, and this project could, depending on the method chosen, add 7–50 MW to this number. Three methods were considered. Two of them revolve around adding wellhead stations to the stations’ work circle, while the third involves improvements to the current stations. The methods were examined with regard to technology, costs, execution and the project’s profitability for the owners and the community. The project was carried out in collaboration with Verkís and Kenyan consultants.


Reservoir engineering

Feasbility study

“We have done several reports for KenGen about their areas and stations in Olkaria. This project was interesting in that it revolved around improving the utilisation of the resource, which is an important consideration all over the world today. We hope to take part in more projects within current geothermal stations revolving around managing the utilisation of the resource.”

Elín Hallgrímsdóttir

Project Manager