Miskolc Low-Temperature Exploration

In 2010, a production well was drilled near Miskolc, Hungary. The Miskolc well is a part of a geothermal development project Mannvit worked on as a consultant for PannErgy. The well confirmed a geothermal resource as predicted in tests and analysis done by Mannvit and is classified among the best low temperature wells in mainland Europe. The well is approximately 2 kilometers deep and will supply approximately 70 to 90 l/second and 100°C hot water. The result of the drilling significantly exceeded PannErgy’s former conservative expectations, being roughly three times larger than initially expected. This discovery was made possible by utilizing different geophysical and geological information to determine the well location. The drilling was targeted by integrating natural source electromagnetic (AMT/MT) with seismic and stratigraphic information.The plant delivers 55 MWth.

Rannsóknarverkefni í Ungverjalandi - Mannvit.is


  • Geological and geophysical studies
  • Licensing and Permitting
  • Field Development Plan
  • Well siting
  • Well design and well testing
  • Drilling supervision
  • Reservoir modeling
  • Well site geology
  • Environmental modeling
  • Drilling consultancy