Methane gas processing in Akureyri

Mannvit was involved in the installation of facilities for the processing and delivery of methane from landfill gas for Nordurorka. The operation is located at the landfill site, a discontinued waste tip in Glerárdalur valley near the town of Akureyri. The facility can produce an estimated 600.000 Nm³ of methane gas per year.

The project involves, among other things, estimating landfill gas emissions and thereby methane formation in the waste pit. A feasibility assessment for gas collection and the processing of the methane was prepared and, in addition, the options for its use in various activities were mapped out. Trial wells were drilled and the capacity of these wells was examined in order to assess the reliability of the processing forecast model. Mannvit was also involved in the selection of technical solutions and the design of the landfill gas collection system, pumping station, underground piping and sites. Mannvit, moreover, provided technical consultancy services and designs for procurement in technical solutions. Furthermore, Mannvit prepared the tender documents for the earthworks and piping work and provided consultancy services as regards the permits for the operation.


  • Estimation of landfill gas emissions
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Selection of technical solutions
  • Gas collection system design
  • Pumping station design
  • Design of underground piping and sites
  • Designs for procurement of scrubbing and dispensing stations
  • Tender documents
  • Permitting consultancy
600,000 Nm³ 
Methane gas production
11,000 tonnes 
Reduced CO₂

“When the station began production in 2014, the owners of methane fuelled vehicles were able to travel between Reykjavík and Akureyri on methane alone. This single project will lead to a carbon footprint decrease of 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.“

Guðmundur H. Sigurðsson

Project Manager