Location of Airport in the Capital Area

Evaluation and engineering design of 15 options for new domestic airport in the capital area. Design criteria was runways of 1,8 km and 1,5 km. Mannvit’s role was in Project Management, initial design, reports, cost estimation, drawings and 3D design.

The project is split up into these key elements:

  • Definition of demands required for a new airport in the capital area that fulfils the need of domestic flight for the next 20-30 years. The need of other aviation activities is taken into consideration as much possible.
  • Explore possible locations, where it's possible to build an airport that will fulfil the above mentioned needs.
  • Choose the most promising locations (1-3), design an airport along with necessary manoeuvring areas and draw up cost estimation for construction of the airport and necessary buildings, along with the connection to main roads. Cost accounting to be used in economic studies.


  • Project management
  • Engineering design and cost estimation
  • Drawings and 3D design.
Completion date
Scheduled flight airports

Reykjavík International Airport is the centre for domestic flights in Iceland. The airport is one of four international airports in Iceland, where international traffic is mainly private flights. Approximately 400 thousand passengers travel through the airport each year.


Location of Airport in the Capital Area, Holmsheidi og Longusker