Landfill Gas Upgrading Station

Landfill gas is collected and methane gas produced, producing energy from waste.  In recent years Mannvit has worked closely with SORPA Waste Management to use the capital area's garbage dumps to produce methane gas as fuel for vehicles. In 2011, Mannvit began working on the expansion of SORPA's Purification Plant in order to increase the centre's productivity and substantially improve its operational security. When the expansion is completed, it will be possible to process a total of 1000 Nm³/h of landfill gas through the centre, which is about a 25% increase. Furthermore, the operational security of the plant will increase substantially. Mannvit has been SORPA's consultant on this Purification Plant from the beginning; the centre produces methane gas utilized by vehicles in the greater Reykjavik area in Iceland.

The capacity of the station is 1000 Nm³/h of landfill gas and approximately 440 Nm³/h of methane gas. The methane gas quality is 94-98% and the delivery pressure is 250 bar for high pressure transport containers and 10 bar for pipeline distribution. This fuel is mainly used for vehicles.


  • Project management
  • Process design
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Mechanical, piping-, electrical/instrumentation/control and civil design
  • Supervision
  • Testing and commissioning
1000 Nm³/h 
Methane quality
20-25 bar 
System pressure

Landfill Gas