Kubal Aluminium

Kubal is Sweden's sole producer of primary aluminum and has a capacity of 134.000 tons. Due to increased environmental requirements as well as efficiency and operability requirements, Kubikenborg Aluminium AB decided to convert Plant 2 from Söderberg pot technology to pre‐baked anode technology and to increase the pot current from 120 kA to 160 kA.

The Project comprises of site preparation, warehouse buildings, alumina transport systems, HV, MV and LV Electrical systems, rectifier‐cooling system, convert 262 Söderberg pots to Pre‐baked technology, refurbishment of the Rodding Room, new ACM Mixing station and Fume Treatment Plant.

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This project was conducted in the framework of HRV‐Engineering, where Mannvit owns a prevailing share and contributes key personnel resources. HRV Engineering was contracted to manage the project in an integrated project team with the client's employees. The work included EPCM services (engineering, procurement and construction management). The potline conversion included re‐fitting existing pots, installation of new superstructures, alumina pot‐feed piping, installation of a pot‐gas extraction duct, compressed air piping, potroom service cranes, pot tending vehicles, refurbishment of the busbar system, partial upgrade of the HV and rectifier installations, new GTC’s (dry and wet scrubbing), a new bath recycling plant and a rodding shop upgrade.


EPCM services

134.000 tpy 
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Kubikenborg Aluminium is owned by RUSAL, a leading, global aluminium producer and one of the world’s major producers of alumina. The company was founded in 2000 and, following its merger with SUAL and the alumina assets of Glencore, became the global aluminium industry leader in 2007. RUSAL’s main products are primary aluminium, aluminium alloys, foil and alumina.


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