Krafla Geothermal Power Plant, Unit 2

Mannvit managed unit 2 installation at the 60 MW Krafla geothermal power plant. The project was the enlargement of existing double pressure system including drilling of new wells for the completion of the plant.  The fluid flow is 260 kg/s and steam gathering pipeline of 12,5 km. The Krafla geothermal power plant was built upon a high temperature system in NE-Iceland near Lake Myvatn.

Additional project details: All electrical and control systems protection were refurbished for unit 2 and the installation and commissioning was completed. The same refurbishment was done for unit 1. Both turbine units were refurbished and governor replaced. Production of the steam gathering system was increased and improved. Auxiliary systems improvements were made and buildings were upgraded. Drilling of 8 new production wells that took place from 1996-1999 were connected to the plant. The new wells provided steam production beyond 60 MW.


  • Project management
  • Pre-design
  • Design and drawings
  • Well design and drilling program
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Construction supervision
  • Site supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Testing
30 MW 
Unit 2 capacity
New production wells
12,5 km 
Steam gathering system